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A website builder that makes it quick and easy for every Aussie business to get online. Sell online with integrated PayPal functionality.

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Find out the latest information from MYOB - Australia's leading provider of Business Management and Accounting Software solutions. MYOB : Making Business Life easier.

What’s the burn rate of your new business? | MYOB Blog

It's important to know how much your business is burning monthly especially when you've just started a business. Liam Shorte breaks it down for you.

Start-Up Events: Web Direction South Conference introduces the all-new Startup Track. | MYOB Blog

This annual conference has been growing larger and larger over the past three years, and, with the addition of their new Startup Track featuring some of the best social and tech minds in the Australian Landscape, I am predicting that Web Directions South is going to have its largest event in Australia ever.

Want to master social media for your business in just seven days? Your chance to win a new book from Linda Coles! | MYOB Blog

She's recently launched her newest book 'Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days', a brilliant resource for any business owner looking to start posting, tweeting and connecting in the social realm.

How to start 2012 on the right track | MYOB Blog

…How to start 2012 on the right track Written by Bella Katz Businesses, Featured, Starting Out Print Page 29 Dec Smart business resolutions for all SME’s. There's a New Zealand online business I came…

Ten tips to reaching your business goals in 2012 | MYOB Blog

In the latest unveiling of MYOB Business Monitor Report results, we've revealed that when it comes to clients and revenue 49% of Aussie SMEs are aiming for growth in 2012.

Do you really want to start a business? | MYOB Blog

Biggest misconception in starting a company

Kick start 2012 with your top talent | MYOB Blog

Replacing an employee can be an expensive exercise - not only in dollar terms, but also in lost intellectual property, customer relationships and skills. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to 'kick off' 2012 and mitigate the risk of losing your top performers.