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Backup and restore your company file - Windows

…information from previous financial years. For example, it may be necessary to reprint an employee's Payment Summary for a previous year. If you're using the new AccountRight (v2011 or later), see our…

Kick start 2012 with your top talent | MYOB Blog

Replacing an employee can be an expensive exercise - not only in dollar terms, but also in lost intellectual property, customer relationships and skills. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to 'kick off' 2012 and mitigate the risk of losing your top performers.

3 ways to simplify your payroll process this month | MYOB Blog

The big race to provide your employees their PAYG Payment Summaries is about to begin. Here are three ways you can simply your payroll process this month to ensure you provide the PAYG Payment Summaries to your employees by the 14 July deadline and the PAYG Payment Summary Statement to the tax office by 14 August.

End of Year Support Home Page

…financial year entries and understanding all the tasks required to successfully complete this process. End of year rollover and transaction purging (AccountRight v19.7 and earlier) When you start a new financial…

MYOB Blog | News, views and ideas for your business

…Accountants Australia and New Zealand, tax compliance is costing SMEs approximately $18.4 billion a year. The average gross tax compliance cost is approximately $11,000 a year. Read More * 07 Aug How the…

Experiencing pain-roll? Steps to a painless payroll process | MYOB Blog

Process your payroll painlessly this end of financial year

Avoid a meltdown! Plan a stress free EOFY | MYOB Blog

Plan a stress free end of financial year

AssetManager Pro - end of financial year tips

…company file into a new financial year, there are certain recommended steps and procedures you should follow. This support note guides you through these. Before you start a new year Before you prepare any…

Transactions in the 13th period and Year-End Adjustments

start a new financial year before the 13th period can be activated. To activate the 13th period when starting a new financial year: * Go to the File menu and choose Start a New Year the choose Start