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MYOB * Support Notes * Ask a Question * Community Forum * Live Chat * my.MYOB MYOB Serial Number Answer ID 21939 | Published 13/05/2008 11:15 AM | Updated 02/06/2014 12:47 PM How do I identify my MYOB

Shadow boxer | MYOB Blog

…July The Pulse Shadow boxer Written by Paul Hassing Businesses, Featured, Starting Out Print Page 13 Mar Is your business being stalked? They say imitation is the sincerest flattery form. Yet its effect…

Meet Barry | MYOB Blog

Friday 18th July The Pulse Meet Barry Written by Paul Hassing SBO Archive Print Page 13 Jan Barry's 2:23 video turned a total stranger into a person of interest. I love flagging superior business communications…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! | MYOB Blog

Merry Christmas from MYOB! This is our last post on The Pulse for 2013 and we will be back on the 6th January 2014.

Blessed Are The Baby Boomers | MYOB Blog

…some killer posts and piccies very soon. Best regards until later. Reply * Author Lorraine November 13, 2009 at 9:01 am Hi Paul: I so agree with you on the value of living life fully and well–rather than…

EOFY Compliance. Are you ready? | MYOB Blog

…earlier. Are you confident that your business is ready for 2012-13 compliance changes? Kristy Sheppard | Manager, Public Relations – MYOB accounting, business owners, carbon tax, compliance, end of financial…

Defence in Depth | MYOB Blog

Friday 18th July The Pulse Defence in Depth Written by Paul Hassing SBO Archive Print Page 13 Oct Defence in depth is the strategy of exhausting an enemy via attrition. It was used to devastating effect…

Lost for AdWords | MYOB Blog

Last time I activated a 'free' Google voucher, my credit card copped a $10 'admin fee'. So when Google recently offered me $100 credit to give AdWords another go, I binned the letter. They sent another letter. Then they emailed me. And again. There's a rule that you must see an offer a set number of times before you take it. (Bueller?)My threshold seems to be four.

Congratulations to the 2011 MYOB Partners of the Year | MYOB Blog

Our annual Partner Connection conference isn't just all about MYOB. It's an opportunity to recognise those partners, consultants, accountants and bookkeepers that are doing a sensational job, and say thanks for their incredible work as MYOB brand advocates.

Worlds Collide | MYOB Blog

Friday 18th July The Pulse Worlds Collide Written by adam finlay SBO Archive Print Page 13 Jul Today we welcome back Adam Finlay to Small Business Owner €¦ Hello readers! Paul's offline for a while…

Super - can a fragile misfit expedite the process? | MYOB Blog

…Super - can a fragile misfit expedite the process? Written by Paul Hassing SBO Archive Print Page 13 May I feel cagey. Superannuation has been an odd venture for me. I've charted several courses, without…

Save the Date: MYOB 2014 Roadshow | MYOB Blog

Kicking off MYOB Roadshow 2014 for Australia - our biggest event yet with BankLink onboard