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Mind your own Mo | MYOB Blog

Happy Movember everyone! It's officially moustache season, as we get set to get hairy here at MYOB, all in support of Movember. While it's great fun, watching team members around our many offices groom and trim their way into the moustache hall of fame, it's also an important event, raising vital funds and awareness for men's health.

What is MYOB? Mind Your Own Business | MYOB

What is MYOB? Mind Your Own Business. MYOB started out over 20 years ago with a clear vision - to make business life easier. MYOB now support & work with over 1 million Aussie and Kiwi businesses.

Why changing your mind can be a good idea | MYOB Blog

People are unbelievably grateful for everyday things that most of us take for granted. How often are you thankful for the legs and feet that carry you around? For being able to access clean drinking water and fresh food? Being able to operate your business in a country that enforces transparency? For your own health and wellbeing - and that of your family and friends?

Elevate My Mind | MYOB Blog

Friday 17th October The Pulse Elevate My Mind Written by Paul Hassing SBO Archive Print Page 23 Jun Going … Going … In response to my recent topic struggle, Naomi kindly offered some suggestions.…

MYOB Blog | News, views and ideas for your business

…you expand your business you may need to engage the assistance of a great bookkeeper, keep in mind that this service is also tax deductible. Hiring a bookkeeper helps you focus on growing your business while…

3 marketing priorities for your business in 2014 | MYOB Blog

Content marketing as well as social media marketing will get even bigger in 2014, as consumers get comfortable with receiving news and recommendation from a raft of sources, whether it is their Facebook news feed or a tweet.

How to Test Your Website Like a Buyer | MYOB Blog

How to test your website like a buyer

Your most common accounting questions €”answered! | MYOB Blog

What is contracting? Contractors or consultants are self-employed people engaged for a specific task, at an agreed price, with a specific goal in mind, and often for a pre-determined time frame. They set their own hours of work and take care of their own accounting and tax obligations. They aren't paid a salary or hourly rate, and because they are not an employee, a contractor's position is more easily terminated than a 'permanent' employee.

When the right brain knows what the left brain’s doing | MYOB Blog

…think, the way the brain actually works. That's the power of it, and its elegance. Mind mapping allows you to tap into your left and right brains at the same time – to use images and association, logic…

Penalty shots | MYOB Blog

If I know the full terms of a sale up front (e.g. when I'm phoning an order) I can make an informed choice. Another thing businesses can do is assure me the surcharge goes to staff. As I've never seen a black and white card say this, I'm left wondering if the surcharge is being channelled elsewhere.

AccountRight Basics - Small Business Accounting Software - MYOB

Buy or try MYOB AccountRight Basics instantly. Accounting software that is easy-to-use for sole traders, small business or home-based Australian businesses.

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