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MYOB Training Courses: Learn how to use MYOB Software | MYOB for Business

Learn from the experts who built the software. MYOB courses are designed to help Australian businesses & bookkeepers get the most out of their MYOB software. Beginner or expert – MYOB has a course for you

How to Write Perfect Job Ads. Part 3: Structure | MYOB Blog

…knowing where to start, so any expert guidance I can get I will use. Reply * Author Paul Hassing February 28, 2012 at 11:02 am That’s very nice to know, Stephen. Apparently, these how-to posts generate…

6 awesome ways to use the Internet to help your business succeed | MYOB Blog

For business these days, it is essential to be found online. In this post, we delve into a few options available to your businesses to help make this transition from online obscurity to generating leads, calls, sales and awareness from search engines.

Getting The Compliance Update - How To

Compliance Update – How to install and configure your software for end of financial year. Click here to stay update-to-date during the busy financial year.

How to Upgrade

…Practice Manager How to Upgrade MYOB AO is ready for you. It has been through rigorous user acceptance testing, including a full pre-release program. Plus, approx 2500 AO clients who use AO Tax and/or AO…

How do I find the time to blog? | MYOB Blog

Like all things, great blog content takes time and effort to generate, and you'll need to put some thought into planning to ensure you maintain your post schedule, whatever frequency that might be. Straight from Tim Ferris himself, an uninspiring blog is more of a liability than no blog at all. Think about it from your own perspective - if you were researching a company and found an abandoned blog on their site, it would probably make you question their ability to see a project through to completion, right?

MYOB PayDirect

MYOB PayDirect the quick and easy way to take credit card payments on your smartphone. Get Paid Fast and Improve your cashflow. Apply today.

How to Learn More about Your Competitors | MYOB Blog

How to learn more about your competitors

How to be found faster on LinkedIn: Customise your personal profile | MYOB Blog

The fundamental key to being found, and found faster, on LinkedIn, is to make effective use of keywords. By utilising keywords to reflect common search terms, you can transform the all too common and all too passive €œyet another résumé” type of LinkedIn profile into an active, dynamic attractor of the people you want to find you, for the services you are ready to provide.

How to Write Killer SEEK Ads (Part 2) | MYOB Blog

…company': EXACTLY HOW is it 'fantastic'?). * 'Shouting at the crowd' rather than 'speaking to one person'. Ta da! Well, there you have it: all I know about writing SEEK ads. May you use this advice for fun…

How to be known as the go-to expert in your field | MYOB Blog

Becoming the go-to expert does wonders for your small business or freelancing gig. What does it take? And how long?

How to Write Perfect Job Ads. Part 5: Benefits | MYOB Blog

A perfect ad creates interest and desire by telling an exciting story and describing attractive conditions and benefits. Yet a staggering number of ads mention no benefits at all!