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MYOB Atlas

A website builder that makes it quick and easy for every Aussie business to get online. Sell online with integrated PayPal functionality.

Get a free website in 15 mins - no catch, no dramas | MYOB Blog

Last year, MYOB launched an initiative to help get 50,000 Australian small businesses online, with a website that is free for the first 12 months.

9 tips for choosing the right domain name | MYOB Blog

Is a domain name by any other name really as sweet? Picking a domain name can be tricky, but we've got some tips on how to choose the perfect name for your business.

3 tips for choosing a name for your startup business | MYOB Blog

Having gone through this process numerous times in my professional life, as well as worked with numerous startups €”not necessarily in naming them, but working with what they had as a name (for better or worse), here are some thoughts I've had along the journey.

How do I edit the connection in BankLink Books to connect to a different sub domain?

…being accessed by another practice, the sub domain will need to be edited. This process will also need to be done if you have changed your Practice sub domain (e.g. a requested name change), or if the client…

MYOB Blog | News, views and ideas for your business

The Pulse | MYOB's news and social media site. Featuring the latest news and views from the business and accounting industries, The Pulse features insights from a range of industry professionals.

SEO Insight: Keyword Rich or Quality of Content? | MYOB Blog

SEO. Search engine optimisation. Utter those three words to many small business people and their eyes will quickly glaze over. I know mine did for a long time.

SEO and how Dexter just tried to kill my career | MYOB Blog

SEO is the practice of promoting, enhancing and building your sites content to rank well in search engine results. It requires work on both internal (content, links, infrastructure etc) and external (link sharing, social etc) aspects of a website.

5 questions to ask when hiring a web designer | MYOB Blog

Nowadays, it's crucial to have an online presence for your business. If you're hiring a web designer, whether in-house or external, these are 5 questions you need to ask

8 signs a business needs to change its name | MYOB Blog

Building a household name starts with just that - the right name. What are the signs you need to change your business name?

AccountRight error 'Unable to login or connect - system date or time is incorrect'

…computers are on a domain-based network, the workstations will not have the Internet Time tab. This is because the workstations will automatically synchronise their time with the Domain Controller (Server…

Five years | MYOB Blog

Apart from 'Tell us a bit about yourself', the most common interview question is 'Where do you see yourself in five years?' As a personnel manager, I used to eschew these queries for sharper, more targeted tools. But last week I was forced to ask myself where I'd be in five years.