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The top 10 small business tax deductions in 2013 | MYOB Blog

Top 10 tax deduction strategies for small businesses

Sowing the wind | MYOB Blog

…cut up the vine myself and dump it for them to clean up. RA are just one step up from car sales people, nicer cars and suits. * Author Paul Hassing November 22, 2011 at 11:43 am Thank you, MCB. Your suggestion…

Heavenly Beds at the Westin Hotel | MYOB Blog

…you need to lease a car from us to access them. This includes discount fuel, servicing, tyres and insurance plus the extra benefit of budgeting (which you also receive when you Novate a car) So now everyone…

What do I need to prepare for my tax return appointment? | MYOB Blog

Business owners should prepare these documents for their tax return appointment with an accountant

3 tips to make your accountant love you more | MYOB Blog

3 tips to make your accountant love you more this EOFY

MYOB Blog | News, views and ideas for your business

The Pulse | MYOB's news and social media site. Featuring the latest news and views from the business and accounting industries, The Pulse features insights from a range of industry professionals.

How to Write Perfect Job Ads. Part 5: Benefits | MYOB Blog

A perfect ad creates interest and desire by telling an exciting story and describing attractive conditions and benefits. Yet a staggering number of ads mention no benefits at all!

Self-employed? 6 ways to pay less tax | MYOB Blog

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you claim the biggest amount of tax deduction possible.

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The pie is infinite | MYOB Blog

Last year I realised my competitors aren't. This year I'll help them get more business. They won't get a bigger slice of the 'pie' (i.e. market) at my expense. Rather, we'll all enjoy a BIGGER pie. This could work for you too.

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