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MYOB Atlas

A website builder that makes it quick and easy for every Aussie business to get online. Sell online with integrated PayPal functionality.

5 quick tips to get your business discovered online | MYOB Blog

5 quick tips to get your business discovered online

Open for business

…business. Choose from a suite of business solutions available from MYOB and Westpac. * A new website - with MYOB Atlas * Online accounting - with MYOB LiveAccounts * A Westpac Business One Low Plan account.…

Get a free website in 15 mins - no catch, no dramas | MYOB Blog

Last year, MYOB launched an initiative to help get 50,000 Australian small businesses online, with a website that is free for the first 12 months.

Top tips to give your website a kick start | MYOB Blog

A website is a powerful business tool. Last year, those with a business website were 53% more likely to experience a revenue increase - 23% saw their revenue rise versus 15% of those without one.

Got a Website? What’s it like on an iPhone? | MYOB Blog

With more and more people getting online from a smartphone (Android for me, iPhone for the 'think different' conformists), there is increasing evidence to suggest you should, at least, think about that potential customer who hopefully finds your site on their mobile. While you might not be getting droves of traffic from mobiles, it's going to become a bigger part of business.

Want More Money? Make Paying Easy | MYOB Blog

How to make paying easier on your website

6 awesome ways to use the Internet to help your business succeed | MYOB Blog

For business these days, it is essential to be found online. In this post, we delve into a few options available to your businesses to help make this transition from online obscurity to generating leads, calls, sales and awareness from search engines.

Atlas Support

…An MYOB Atlas Approved Partner can help you get the most out of your website, so you can get on with running your business. Find a Partner Ideas Page Got a good idea? Help us improve MYOB Atlas by suggesting…

9 tips for choosing the right domain name | MYOB Blog

Is a domain name by any other name really as sweet? Picking a domain name can be tricky, but we've got some tips on how to choose the perfect name for your business.

Five things you need to know this week | MYOB Blog

I'm constantly hearing people say that they can't believe that it's Friday again, and that another week is down. With the weeks flying past so quickly it can be difficult to fit everything in - and it's not uncommon for that to-do list to not always get completed. But what happens when something slips through the cracks? Regular The Pulse contributor, Melina Schamroth, shares her reflection on her work flow processes, and whether they are the most effective to ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

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