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Top 5 Business Benefits of Running a Company Blog | MYOB Blog

Inbound marketing €”or to use Seth Godin's term, permission marketing—now rules. Now more than ever, you must earn the attention of prospects, make yourself easy to be found, and draw customers to your website by producing content that customers value.

Risk Management: Essential to business survival, especially for entrepreneurs! | MYOB Blog

You're a small to medium business owner and as such, you are a risk taker whether you accept that or not. You have foregone a stable employment income for life as an entrepreneur. You experience all the advantages of self direction and being your own boss but with the headaches of unstable income flow and business risk.

MYOB and the Cloud | MYOBs Cloud Accounting Strategy

MYOB invest over $25M each year in enhancing and extending our business solutions as well as investing in new products and services which use the power of the cloud.

MYOB user preferences

…certain combinations of user preferences. Once you know what your options are, you can easily take advantage of your software's flexibility to make it suit the way your business operates and most importantly…

Being incompetent has its advantages | MYOB Blog

One of the great challenges for firm leaders is to be able to delegate effectively. It is critical that they do so. Most often capacity shortages are highest for the senior people in the practice. Delegation is enabled by good processes and training.

Splitting an employee's pay between bank accounts

…Note: If you subscribe to M-Powered Payments, click Record. For information on the time saving advantages of M-Powered Payments, go to the MYOB M-Powered website. * Click OK to the following alert then…

Making Tax Time Easier for Small Business | MYOB Blog

8 things You Can Do This July to Make Tax Management Simpler and More Effective Next Year. Did you have a last-minute rush to get your paperwork ready for tax time this year? Be prepared next time. Take a look at the suggestions below that may prove valuable in preparing for tax time in the future.

Does your business have the IT factor? | MYOB Blog

How IT can give you competitive advantage

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Find out the latest information from MYOB - Australia's leading provider of Business Management and Accounting Software solutions. MYOB : Making Business Life easier.

Three lessons the Australian Open final should teach business owners | MYOB Blog

There's sure to be some pretty tired faces around Australia this morning, as many people tuned in to watch the 2012 Australian Open marathon final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal last night.

AccountRight Live - under the hood | MYOB Blog

The past few months have been an exciting time for me as CTO of a company that's confidently moving further into the online business world. We've just launched our second cloud accounting solution -AccountRight Live.

Off My Facebook | MYOB Blog

…(Thanks, Irma.) This is not a number to ignore lightly. But I know Carol agrees the commercial advantages of Facebook are, to put it very mildly, elusive. The only thing I like about Facebook is appearing…